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Osmo Mobile 3

979,- NOK
1.299,- NOK
Du sparer 320,- NOK (24%)

Strekkode: 6958265192654

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Osmo Mobile 3 er en sammenleggbar gimbal for smarttelefoner med intelligente funksjoner som gir stabile og jevne opptak.


Produsent: DJI

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Can Osmo Mobile 3 hold any phone?

Osmo Mobile 3 supports smartphones that are 62-88mm wide and up to 9.5mm thick. This range covers most mobile phones currently available. Please note that actual compatibility might be affected by accessories attached to your phone. Certain form factors, including buttons on the side, should also be considered.

How do I power on Osmo Mobile 3 for the first time?

Step 1: First, make sure Osmo Mobile 3 is adequately charged by connecting the charging cable to the Type-C port on the right side of Osmo Mobile 3. 
Step 2: Mount your phone onto Osmo Mobile 3 and adjust the balance. Please follow the steps on the Tutorial videos for balancing the phone. 
Step 3: Press and hold the power button to power on Osmo Mobile 3. Launch the DJI Mimo app and choose Osmo Mobile 3. Follow the app’s instructions to complete Bluetooth connection, registration, and activation.

Does my smartphone need to meet any hardware requirements when using Osmo Mobile 3?

Osmo Mobile 3 utilizes Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0 and therefore works better with phones that have Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0 or above. We suggest that you check compatibility by revisiting your phone specs.

Does Osmo Mobile 3 support gesture control? What gestures are supported?

After powering on Osmo Mobile 3, you can go to the DJI Mimo app and enable gesture control functions. Osmo Mobile 3 can recognize the “palm” and “V” gestures.

How do I use ActiveTrack 3.0 with Osmo Mobile 3?

There are three ways to use ActiveTrack: 
1.Enable the “One-press ActiveTrack" function, then press the trigger to track the target in the middle of the frame automatically. 
2. Manually select and track the target in the app interface 
3.Enable “Gesture Control” function and use a gesture to start tracking, take a photo, or record a video.

How do I switch between Portrait and Landscape orientation?

Power on Osmo Mobile 3, and press the M button twice to switch between the two orientations. You can also transition between portrait and landscape mode by rotating the roll axis manually.

How do I lock the gimbal?

Power on Osmo Mobile 3, then press and hold the trigger to lock the gimbal.

How do I enable Sport mode?

Power on Osmo Mobile 3, press the trigger, and then press again and hold to switch to Sport mode.

How do I recenter Osmo Mobile 3?

Make sure the gimbal is powered on and working normally, then quickly press the trigger twice to recenter the gimbal.

How can I switch between the front and rear cameras?

There are two ways: 
1) Switch between the front and rear camera in the DJI Mimo app; 
2) Quickly press the trigger three times.

How do I zoom in and out with Osmo Mobile 3 using the Zoom slider on the left side of the handle?

Push the Zoom slider up and down to zoom in or out. Please note Osmo Mobile 3 only supports digital zoom, which impacts image quality.

How many panorama modes does Osmo Mobile 3 support?

Osmo Mobile 3 supports two panorama modes: 180° and 3×3.

Does Osmo Mobile 3 support Bluetooth?


What are the advantages of Bluetooth connection compared to Wi-Fi connection?

Connecting via Bluetooth is faster than connecting via Wi-Fi. Additionally, devices using Bluetooth will link automatically once they are paired. Connecting via Bluetooth also saves more energy than connecting via Wi-Fi does.

How do I know Osmo Mobile 3 has successfully connected via Bluetooth?

When connected via Bluetooth, the status indicator will turn green, while a yellow light indicates disconnection. You can also check the Bluetooth connection in the DJI Mimo app.

How do I forget connected devices?

1. Forget connected devices in the bluetooth settings of your mobile phone. 
2. Press and hold the Record button, Trigger, and M button simultaneously for one second to forget the connected device.